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Wario Land 3 Tours

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good you are actually reading this. heres some info...

1) Dont blast your sound OR you WILL go deaf in one part ok?
2) Dont click new game on the title screen. Its pointless. Unless you REALLY REALLY want to.
3) There will be a stupid blinking light in the upper lefthand corner. Ignore it. Or check out the website and buy the software.
4) This is not a sprite flash, this is not a hand drawn flash. Its both.
5) This is my first flash. I will not beg you to rate it as a five, but it will be nice ;o.
6) At the end it will not loop back to the beggining so close out of it.
7) The people mentioned in the credits are their user names for spriters resource.com, not nwegrounds. (unless they do have an Ng account)

The preloader (if it works) was made by clonecommando232
if its already loaded the preloader WONT work ok? so realx...
Thats it! Hope You will enjoy it!

P.S. There should be a wario section not just because of me, but there are a lot of wario things that are submitted to newgrounds!

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Awesome if you love Wario Land

Not the best animation I've ever seen but this was just a fan thing. Its really funny if you've played Wario Land 3. I'll give you your props man. You are a true fan.

Wari0man responds:

Why, thank you. yes it was a fan thing. Thanks anyways!


i just recently got back into playing this, and that what hilarious. really well done for a first timer, Good Job! YAYYYYY....heh anyway, keep it up

Wari0man responds:

I wish i could keep it up, but....ive got no program, and i dont have flash or anything.

Evil clown of doom!

that was hillarious!
too bad your program ran out...

Wari0man responds:

yeah i know it ran out but still.... maybe its like winzip... when the program runs out, u can download it full time again!

I Like It

When i saw this movie, i laughed at some of the parts. so keep up the good work and make another movie/game like this one

Wari0man responds:

i wish i could but i dont have 84 dollars on me at the moment >.>


Good but work on your animation and I was a little impatient in waiting for things to happen...

Wari0man responds:

well then ill make things faster next time wont I?

Credits & Info

4.33 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2008
5:48 PM EDT