Programming Basics

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Hey guys, i was bored and wanted to make somthing, so i decided to whip up a little some thing for those that might want to learn a bit about programming. This pretty much just discusses Loops, if statements, variable initialization etc. If ya think i missed somthing out or disagree on some thing, tell me so i can add it and fix it! tnx ;)

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Not bad, def. meant for noobs though.

Well it was pretty to get a person started with actionscript, but for more advanced users it def. is useless. I woudl suggest improving on the User Interface a bit.

raider00321 responds:

well... this was truly meant for absolute begginners. in later tutorials, ill go into detail about how to create and remove movieclips, do special effects, movement... Well... just about whatever i can get time to do :P so keep ur eyes out for it ;) and yeah. i gotta admit... the User Interface is pretty crusty :p

Not Bad

I think it wasn't bad and pretty much gave a decent overview of the basics.
You should continue and add on to this making more advanced lessons in programing and maybe even move on to different languages aside from java.

raider00321 responds:

actually, it is for flash, and just about any programming language. In fact, in java, variables need to be initialized like this in java...

int myVariable = 6;

notice how you needa declare the type of variable? :p
Oh yeah.... i hate java btw lol

This is good.

It is obvious that this is for educational value.
I think you included important information.:)

raider00321 responds:

thanks! :D

Aint bad

To tell you this wasnt bad you could worked a littel more but its pretty good for me l like it.It wasnt a bad information animation it kind of helped me.

raider00321 responds:

alright, i mite try to add some animation between the page changes

Nice effort

Some music (with start/stop buttons) and a 'return to menu' button on every page would be a useful addition. Otherwise, good content, although I don't really have time to take more than a glance at it right now.

raider00321 responds:

hmmm... now to figure out what music would be best ;)

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