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The Problem With Anime

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This is a rant I made to pinpoint the problems of the Anime Selection of Adult Swim,
as well as the rest of the mainstream anime in countries other than Japan.

Its overriden with spikey haired emos with big fucking swords!
What the fuck is up with that!?

This movie is pracitcally all me so expect shitty graphics & audio.

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Anyhow, my friend... I shouldn't have come here. I'm an avid anime fan and an atheist so I don't praise Allah or any bearded man above us...

Should have known by the title. HOWEVER, you made your point very well and because of my stupidity of watching this rant and get butthurt instead of watching Akatsuki No Yona...

I award you 5 stars for your opinion.

With that being said, I respect your opinion very much well. Just like how I respect Christians praising an invisible God. To summarize this up: You dislike anime, I respect that.


You have a point i hate a lot of anime now a days. But honestly not all anime ends up like that. Think about it before you become a douche bag that will be floating under the trolls bridge, yea that useless button, i hate it. Anyway you have a opinion but a biased one that's paving toward everyone else. I Think diffrent so does other people. Im not saying your wrong but your not right either. Trust me you havn't watched every anime in 2000's For you to say such a ding. AND NOW.. if you still disagree then go watch Soul Eater And Samaurai Champloo. Also i think animes with sexy bad ass demon slayers still go around and personally are still stale.


lol you sing, thats a first for me. Usually people just have a song in the background

i see your point but i think you went a little too far in some places, like with the emos.

and Pokemon is, or was, good but Pickachu is still a great icon.


Everything was correct. 10/10.

Please be truthful!

Don't put your biased views towards anime on others. Not all the anime happens this way, don'try to falsify or attempt to degrade the quality of japan anime.

Valfire responds:

Your new here, aren't you?

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Oct 1, 2008
11:50 AM EDT