Lumix World Golf

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Hi Newgrounds,

At last, we are ready to present our newest game and we honestly think that this will be our best game of 2008!

It's a fantastic flash crazy golf game with 18 holes set in fully 3D locations across the world including New York, Sydney Harbour bridge, Ancient Rome, the Egyptian Pyramids and Stonehenge.

It's built in Flash and just have a look at the control mechanism where you can click and drag on the screen to rotate the views through all available angles and even zoom in and out of the playing area. This is something that has only ever been available in Shockwave games.

We've also built in some great challenges where you can achieve certain objectives by playing the game over and over (such as 3 birdies in a row) and you can win pretty cool prizes too from Panasonic who have kindly sponsored and commissioned the game from the team here at Inbox.

We hope you enjoy the game, and as ever we really look forward to your valuable feedback.


Paul Stevens
Inbox Games/Gamenet team

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This game is just shit. It takes forever to load. I think this deserves to go to hell.

Game screen is too small

The Graphics were rather good, and the game design was Better then most.


Im sorry but this is stupid and Dumb!


i really dont mean this in a bad way but i wouldnt bother playing this game. the game play is poor to say the least. the graphics are ok. there are much better putting games on this website such as mini putt 3 or 12 holes of christmas. if u make another game like this please make the gameplay a lot better

1990 called,...

,...they want you to send this game back to where it came from.
And, can I have MY time back?
Poor control, poor physics, the list goes on, poor graphics.

Credits & Info

2.24 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2008
11:48 AM EDT
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