ZSL Extravaganzafestathon

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Yow, so, as always, I'm late. But it's not entirely my fault! Never before have I tried to combine 26 FLAs into one action packed collab, but sure enough, Flash decided to cooperate for long enough for me to get this finished! Here's a list of everyone who helped:

BlueHippo, Sinitron, Breadfruit, Wonchop, TrippingMetal, DarkShadow8181, RedMongoose, AlmightyHans, Ansel, TomFulp, GerkinMan, Eidderf, Psi43, Techno, Squeef, Funy-Mony, Anigen, Drattigan, UnderARock, k0mat0se, Gmagnum, Nicholas-Deary, Sekhem, ChickenOfAzure, Rina-Chan, BionicSheep, W-P-S, HLG, and Funkadelic.

Quite the team! Now, I apologize for the massive load time this movie will have, it's almost 11mb in filesize, OUCH!

Now lets gather round, and tell Zekey how gr8 he is, although he might not want to hear about it ;)

Hopefully he had a good 23rd birthday. Here is a present, from the 29 of us :)

**if you contributed, please add me as coauthor. Note, there is no way all 30 of us can have coauthor, heh**


TANKOR smash!

Smash good!

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BlueHippo responds:


Fuck yeah

What is the song that ANIGEN is playing?

BlueHippo responds:

some YTMND song, I can't think :/

I'll edit this if I can find it.


Really funny animations! Yesterday i had some problems with the menu, the teeth weren´t clickable but now everything seems to work out fine. Keep up the great work aaaand BlueHippo for president! :)

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BlueHippo responds:


where is the LIZARD SEX?

I likes me a little lizard sex, though I'm not sure about making it all zekey and spacey... happy birthday you bum.

BlueHippo responds:

He does have a nice bum...

im evading several review bans to write this

but this was a very nic movie :--)

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3.84 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2008
11:25 PM EDT