Punch Tom Out

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Some people have reported a glitch that disables the controls. If this ever happens, simply pause/unpause the game (P), it should fix itself. I'll work on fixing it on my end!

P to pause ( once game starts )
Q to toggle quality ( once game starts )

Thanks to Tom for supplying his own voice even though he has a lot of things to do before going to Japan :D
And MissingNYC for the extra voices.


Meh...pretty boring.

Aside from having really nice graphics, I can't see much about this that's fun.
These damn punching games have been around forever & they're all the same.
1.Punch opponent ridiculous amount of times
2.opponent cheats making it nearly unbeatable
3.beat opponent anyway & have a hollow victory
Game over...what?
Sorry to be an ass, but that's just the way it is, in a nutshell.
Again though, nice graphics.2/5 (Nothing too new or interesting)

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Nice but..

I liked the game it self but there are just too much of a bug too enjoy this game fully. I counted the times that I got "Control-stuck" it numbered total of 8 times (at least for me. It may vary) and at the last part right after the tom's small friends and the execution moves, I got stuck again and never was able to fix the glitch. Hope you could do a better job checking and fixing the bug before releasing a game next time. 5/10

Not much fun

Ok, it's little funny game, but not really interesting, boring.


thats what made the game horrible


Wtf. I can't beat the tap thing, fucking burnt off the tips of my fingers. LOL GAME N00BZORZ!

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3.98 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2008
9:53 PM EDT
Sports - Boxing