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Tower Quest: Deluxe Ed.

rated 3.50 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Sep 30, 2008 | 6:42 PM EDT

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Author Comments

After many years of planning and a few months of developing, my first flash game is finally finished. Enjoy!

Changes that I made in this version compared to the origonal one:

-Due to popular demand, I included a save feature in this version.

-I added items in the game(the original game did not have any items at all) such as mana potions and an item that teleports you back to a safe floor. You have a chance to recieve items through defeating regular enemies in random battles.

-I've cut the time off the magic attack action by 30% to give the game a faster pace.

-There is now a hidden boss in the game and if you defeat it, you will recieve the hidden ending once you do defeat the champion of the tower.

-Improved look of interfaces and buttons.

-The cost to cast the healing spell now went up to 2 mana points(healing in the origonal game only costed you 1 mana point) due to the fact that you can never miss with it.

-All bosses in the game now have their spirit increased and they can also heal now to make them more challenging to fight against

-A health and a mana bar is added in the status screen



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Excessively repetitive

Music is awesome. Story is nice. The music give some sort of tragedic feel to it IMHO.
Nice touch that HP always regenerates between battles.. fortunate, since the numbers are so small.

Combat system is completely based on grinding and hard numbers and dumb luck. Even with massive stats we can get owned by weaklings.. or own superior opponents.. lucck gameplay is that.. luck decides for you.

And speed doesnt seem do do much difference in what happens in initiative.. in the end its always either me or the other who start, then other, me, me, other, other, me ect.. So.. speed seems only usefull for dodge.

physical def = half of HP value.. had to loook out to find that info.

Weird that you state that increased hp reduce healing power.. i dont see why it would. Higher hp is longer to heal.. so its normal.

And while im at it, remove the random element form the equation in healing.. make it always a absolute value.. it one of the things that is really important to the players; to know just when to heal and to know that healing is a reliable tool.. if they try to and it gives nearly nothing.. then they are basicaly dead and wasted ressources doing so. It takes the fun out of the game, when our tools "betray" their users just because we are unlucky.
.. like just now.. the special boss healed 2 hp.. then next, he healed himself to 100% when i had reduced him to half... i get beaten to a pulp, i try to heal.. for a mere 3 hp.. even with my all 25 stats.. riiight.

Maybe changing the way the number scale in the system? Now its mostly 10 scale.. it could be switched to the 100 and still be efficient. Bigger number alllows for larger flexibility.

Dying should reload the last save instead to jump to menu..or ask it, since we kind of die often.

No strategy whatsoever... having a way to allow the player to use his skill to prevail in combat that doesnt solely depends on numbers would be good.

Graphics are bland for the characters. Animation are bland. Environment is boring... could be fun if the higher you go, the more "damaged" the tower get (more powerfull individuals make colateral damage more obvious) Or the tower is littered with skeletons, dried blood, clothes, abandonned loot and markings from previous visitors.

Always the same stick figures.. i would have expected several different look for the stick "souls".. some look like ghost civilians, criminals, mages, warriors.. ect.

The tower could have been more complex.. like some sort of magical maze, some puzzles and keys and stuff.. we could have competitors/allies/storyline while inside of it.

Yet for a second work.. still, its well put together, no lag (but the spell is still slow), stable, and the mechanic even with its flaws (IMO) is effective and simple.. really, what it lack is polishing, variety and a bit more content to make it "alive".

Fix the healing first and foremost.

Technozeus responds:

Thanx a lot for at least putting the time in making such a long and constructive comment because at least I know that a person like you care.

One of the arguements you had in your review was of how healing in this game works. You seem to not give enough credit to how I implemented healing in this game because you say that healing itself is unrealiable. Well what I can say to that is that unlike using the magic or attack option, at least when you heal, you will never miss and at the same time, you can also heal for as much as you can do damage depending on how much Might or Mind you have. This to me, makes healing realiable enough since your opponent's dodge is not a factor when you heal yourself.

You also argue that this game is repetitive and is a grind. Well what i can say to this is that aren't a lot of rpgs repetitive, where you fight the same enemies over and over again to become stronger? Like at least in my game the regular enemies you fight against have random stats each time you fight them and they also use different attacks depending on how much might and mind they have compared to how much body and spirit you have. Also, my game can be finished in under an hour so at least this game is not as long and repetitive compared to a lot of other rpgs that are out like games like adventure quest(a flash game) or lineage 2.

You say that this game's randomness is a flaw because you say that weaker enemies can beat you though luck, well that is why you should become stronger to begin with so that luck should not play as much as a factor anymore. Just read IAmTheGang's post, he himself said that it is hard if you don't take time to train.

Well anyways, thank you for your review, I know that this game is not perfect, and I really appreciate your input.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


The original was great, but now it's just... Wow.
Good job. =D


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Great to see you updated it again. It's really a great game and I love the save feature. Excellent job.