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A entry for the Max Games 2008 competition. I spent months on this game for my TAFE course, and decided I'd enter it into the competition.

Originally the game was an engine which sat in my Actionscripts folder getting dusty, so I brought it out and actually made something useful for one.

I know there is a depth sorting bug, which automatically corrects itself, but honestly I tried so hard to fix it but I have no idea where it's coming from.

Anyway, I hope you like this typical puzzle game, as I have really tested myself with this one.

Also, the music was created by me using Guitar Pro. These songs were originally supposed to be recorded but I couldn't find the time to do it, so it will have to make do with the MIDI file.


I'm taking on board all the negatives and will work to make them better. In a new version, that is. Thankyou for the reviews!

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Pretty basic block pusing puzzle game you've got here, mate. Nothing too inventive about it, other than being able to rotate the plane of view.

I have to admit...

Base on the first couple levels I was about to review and say that the number of these kind of "push the object" games, where you can get trapped in a corner and are forced to start over is getting out of hand, and that yours is no different just because it has good graphics, is isometric, and kinda bounces the levels into place... but then I saw you had the element of elevation in there, and the dropping tiles and what-not... and I must say that I am impressed at the diversity of the puzzles. This ends up being a a very cool puzzle game. Good luck in the competition!

Not too bad.

Was a pretty good game.

Having to click go twice annoyed me cause i'm impatiant like that. :3

Also music not playing for me either, no sound = no addiction. :3

Not a bad effort...

This reminds me of the old "Sokoban" games (help the burglar get the bags of money by pushing them out to the exit one by one, so on, so on).

Because the toon has to move in a diagonal direction pretty much all of the time i would have a suggestion to improve gameplay:

Get your keypad and use 7, 9, 1 and 3 to move the character around instead of the arrow keys. It's a minor change to code for the better. It'll confuse a lot less players and it'll be something different from using the same old arrow keys to move around.

d4rkst0n3 responds:

Thanks, I'll add that to my list of improvements :)

great game!!

Hey benny boy.

Nice game, I can see you put a lot of effort into making this game and it has really paid off. Good stuff and hope your win the contest!!!

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3.80 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2008
9:14 AM EDT
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