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Breach 2

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Author Comments

(A little bird told me that this game doesn't want to load in Internet Explorer-Use Firefox if you have problems with this game, or with the internet in general.)

I submitted this about a month ago, but wasn't quite satisfied so I pulled it, made some changes, and here's the final product. I like it more than I did at that point, so that's a good sign.

Game's running in AS3, so that's all good.

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Game not Over Not fool



i got to 100k cash and it got too boring to continue, here's a hint as to get that far, get the lasers as your first weapon and upgrade everything in a pattern including thrusters otherwise you will not be able to move fast enough or kill enough to survive.

Before I can even think ablut anything else...

Diagonal movement would be nice.

Awesome, flaweless

I love this game. It isnt too simple or hard, it takes thinking of how to move but not alot. it also uses the color green which is a nice color ;). Overall i say flawless.


Add an easy mode, I'M SICK OF DYING AND HAVING TO RESTART. *rages*

Other than that, it's an OK game, I just want to be able to get somewhere. ;-;