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Golly this's bin on my PC for a while. I came up with the idea late 2007:
http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/803994
I dragged it up again for the MaxGames contest.

THANK JESUS FOR THE MUSIC AUTHORS. This game is pretty shit without audio. About 75% of it's all downloadable for free on the left o the screen there, all Newgrounds Audio artists. Check out 8bitpeoples.com for the rest, it's a damn treasure trove. Also this is the first time I've made my own sound effects for a game. PRETTY SLICK.

Also hey, be aware that this game'll save your progress. All the money, times and stages you've unlocked will be saved so you can come back to it later. Magic init? I remember back in my day- We didn't even have gradients! And you had to type 58 lines of script just to make a movie stop.

Oh, and I've ran out of money. So if you could all vote five on this one, that'd be grand.




Its a pretty good game, my only complain is that you have to do the tutorial ever time you start the game, that just stupid.
Here a few bugs.
-Wen you click down and then click to walk you guy stay stucked in place.
- In the stage with 3 caracter, if you select the red one and go to the super jump button and keep clicking right you go all the way up the walls and out the cenario, don't know if work with the others characters, didn't bother to try.
-In the stage that the spike wall keeps coming, in the button of the super jump, the guy who is in the button to active the super jump button have time to run and use the super jump, and if the other guy hit the top button, the first one get stucck behind a wall.


Pure awesomeness, the music fits perfectly and I like the way you unlock levels, not to mention the 8-bit style and co-op puzzles. You sir, did very well.

Just two things, I wish I had a way to stop the sounds (jumping, etc.) but not the music, wich just sounds great. Also, try making the guys a little bit faster, my patience was running out there

Great game, should be on frontpage


Great work! Simple gameplay and very addictive. It just feels good to play it :)


Good concept, tried to do a little too much and had some bugs I didn't like.

Oh and you hid ads, thats bullshit dude.

(does not weigh my review) You couldn't even see the whole thing. Thats stealing money from mochi ads. In the first level you have a ad, and not only do you find a way around the 10 seconds, but you also have a ad that isn't even legible because half of it is off the screen. Dont you think that is unfair to mochi ads, and you also are in the competition... Your really desperate for money aren't you?

Id like to seer those ads removed, I dont have any problems with the game. Its good, but I just think its bullcrap that you are hiding half an ad but you get money.

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Nice but my firefox crahsed on the pyramid lvl when I double jumped before the trap open and get all the coins then...went to the right of the map!

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