The Taste of Revenge

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Hear ye, hear ye,

My newest game. Enjoy, instructions are in the game.


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really good game i only made it up to stage 1

Good, but not great

Every enemy took two hits to kill (unless you shelled out the big bucks for the ak-47, I got tired of it well before that) and did almost no damage. There was no twitch response, just click-click, find new target, repeat.

The game was good, plot left something to be desired (but most games do, in the world of flash that's not an issue), it just wasn't all that exciting.


While hiding, for some reason the cursor stops following the mouse and you can only shoot once you're completely out. Also, enemies don't usually withdraw. Would be cool to be more in the style of The Handy Man. But still, the game is easy enough.

Tip: Don't buy the shotgun, it's useless, five shells, slow rate. Go for the AK47, semiautomatic but with a good rate of fire, also kills with one shot and reloading seemed to take less.


no ofence but..boring!

While I don't often play shooting games...

Pros: Good graphics.
Decent music.
Slightly challenging until...
Cons: You get the AK-47 and then everything becomes ridiculously easy (unless you're someone who is click/trigger happy)
I don't even know what the downside of shooting one of the women was as it was pretty much impossible to ever mistakenly hit them (for this I would suggest overlapping them very close to an assailant therefore making it harder to miss them)
I have no idea what the point of the different cross-hairs was. I went ahead and got the $300 one. (Nice to be able to choose different colors but rather pointless).
The music was nice until you realize that it's on an endless loop. For those who want different music it could have been an option to buy different soundtracks at the Guns 'r' us.
Finally, the advertising was annoying. I don't mind advertising. I understand the need for it but it should be kept at the beginning or end of the game. If you so choose to you can even put it underneath the game itself and if people are interested they can click on it.

So all in all, it was an okay game. It was nice that the amount of time for later rounds went by faster as it helped ease the monotony. But it needs a lot of tweaking to make it more challenging. Best of luck on your next game or flash. I'll be looking forward to it to see how you progress.

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3.17 / 5.00

Sep 29, 2008
10:14 AM EDT
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