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Katya remembers Lenin

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Remembering what Katya has learnt about Lenin in school, she comes to lay a flower in front of his monument in her school uniform and galstuk, because she is a schoolgirl in the Soviet Union and a proud pioneer too!

She has a good heart and believes in the good nature of every human...

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Would have better effect if they'd sing in russian though.

russia, **** yeah!!

Funny how people so cripple in operative gestion can come out with such intensive songs... maybe it's for they don't do have to do anything else the whole day...

Kenzu responds:

Hey most people here are 13-15 anyway, so what do you expect?


lenins birth day is tomorrow

Kenzu responds:

Good you remind me. I shall cut some cake.


song was lol. good thing you added a translation aswell as i can imagine not every newgrounder can understand german.
animations were, simple but effective, wich made it worh watching. >.< cute at gal being in awe standing before lenin, the first communist leader ( he was the first rite?)
ps: reply @ HUNK1: communism cant work anymore, it had to be done around the beginning of industrialisation in an industrialized country, not a farmers country like russia.

pps: reply @ valken09: yes anime gals do attract pplz

ppps: sorrry just had to say those two >.<

Kenzu responds:

Leaders of French Revolution were first, but Lenin is definitely the most famous one.

Communism can always work. Nothing is impossible, but it works best in a developed and technologically advanced country. Preferably one where robots do all the work for you. XD


wow...the song is cool!

Kenzu responds:


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Sep 29, 2008
6:52 AM EDT
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