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LanCy Business 1

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So I was listening to DJ Katon's improv radio show, Loids are not Christmas, on RadioPSI...on Starmen.net...and I found this one scene to be just hilarious so I decided to animate it. I even found these perfect Mother 3 Style Mother 1 sprites to use. It turned out even better than I hoped. I do intend to do more of these too, as the 1 in the title suggests. Enjoy.

Also, if you've never played Mother 1/EarthBound ZERO than you probably won't get most of this, but whatever, enjoy it anyway. A Bunch of NESsed Up Crap 2 is still on the way. This only took 2 days to make.

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jeasus hates you anna

Freaking hillarious! Also, awesome animation!

earthbound zero rules

thats excellent animating and lanc is really funny

Gunstar-X responds:

Thanks bro. Glad I could introduce someone to LanC. :D
You should also listen to Fobbies are Borange. From the same guys who made LanC. Tis a scripted radio play of EB. Gets much funnier after Paula comes in. Than with Jeff and Poo, it becomes pure hilarity at every turn. XD


omg thats was aweasome. The sprites of ninten anna and loid are great. When they got in the live house and i saw what background it was i said to myself "it would be so awesome if they sang all i needed (was you).

so funny XD. You should watch my earthbound video, i just uploaded it today.

Gunstar-X responds:

If you want more hilariousness, check out the whole series. It's called Loids Are Not Christmas. You can find it in the Fan Forum in the Fobbies are Borange thread at the Starmen.net Forums. You don't need to register to visit there either. There are 7 episodes all full of hilarious improv shenanigans. Heck, if you like EarthBound, you could also enjoy the EarthBound radio play, Fobbies Are Borange! Really great!


Its funny when Ninten looked the other way.

A few months ago I was thinking about animating "Loids are Not Christmas" but after watching this... You are 50 times better than I am in animation. So I think I will let you do this.

Gunstar-X responds:

Thanks! XD
I may a huge chunk of Episode 1 next. So, look forward to that sometime in the future.