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The CTSG Collab!

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EDIT - There's a new CTSG song in the works for a new CTSG flash! Check it out at http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/977446


Way back in January 2008, twelve frequenters of the audio forum decided to play something called "Continue The Song Game". They created a song by adding 15 seconds chunks at a time to the previous persons piece, and so on and so forth until they had a 3-minute conglomeration of awesome.

It was fine on its own, but I thought something was missing. That's right, a flash to go with it! So I went to the flash forum in the middle of February and put out the call for twelve animators to animate a musicians part of their choice. This concept has never happened before! Since the song had taken only 5 days to complete, I gave the animators a deadline of one month.


We're now down to ten animators and one of the largest collab threads in the history of Newgrounds. Enjoy the fruits of our labors! Many thanks to Whirlguy, who compiled everything for me :D

By the way, the audio forum made a second CTSG while this flash was in production. Maybe we'll do this again!

Song thread - newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/853834 - 9 pages
Flash thread - newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/859161 - 75 pages
"Best of the flash thread" post - whirlguy.newgrounds.com/n ews/post/193733

- First successful collab organized by someone with no flashes submitted
- First collab based around a music collab
- Most Rig parodies created during production D:
- First appearance of the Loveblimp
- Two contributors were modded during production - Rig & WritersBlock

Sorry about the large size - we wanted to have high-quality sound. ;)

EDIT - The sig pictures are now clickable!
EDIT - Hurrah for the front page! Thank you, mysterious stranger.
EDIT - Hey, daily first! And thanks for the collection additions! :D
EDIT - Thanks for the weekly 10th!


this was kick ass!

this is 10's all over!!!!

One of the better pass my flash's i have seen. good music, Great flash! im glad I ran across it! very good work on every one that was in it! and I got to say it is every bit of lovey randomness that i love about it that makes it soooo great!

i hope i seem more of these! really good job on every one!

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Rig responds:

Thanks, man! Congrats on being the 6th reviewer :)


Way to go folks. As promised, you flashy people have as much butt-liquid as you'd like from me!

Seriously, I never thought you'd actually finish that. Well done.

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Rig responds:

I'll take mine on ice, please.


I dont really know whats going on half the time..But im a really big fan of randomness.
Heres your 10.

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Rig responds:



All came together so well. Every thing from the preloader to the credits was perfect. And I like how the credits went back to the menu.
Could you tell me how to make the green screen in the credits which changes the colour of txt just by it passing underneath.

- Afro-wolf

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Rig responds:

I couldn't tell you - ask WritersBlock, he made 'em :) (NOT WHIRLGUY, WRITERSBLOCK)
Thanks for the review!


What a great idea. I really enjoyed the song and the animations went well with each section. Well done.

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Rig responds:

Thanks! Want to join the next one?

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Sep 28, 2008
3:09 PM EDT
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