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My first submission, and I am still a bit new to flash.
It took me about three days to make, mainly because I know nothing when it comes to scripting. Thank the NG forums though, the forums here are great :3
Try not to be too harsh, I'm still getting used to the tools in flash, and I'm working with my laptop touchpad as well (stupid broken mouse >< )



yeah that was really good for a first flash. just sync up the words and animation a bit better.

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PPcanarkis responds:

Yeppers... the sync was a bit off, but thank you for the constructive criticism, you can only get better from your mistakes :D

Very good!

I am probably as not a big of this song as a lot of other people are. I guess I am lucky enough to not get that song stuck in my head all day like, well, some people. This was still great to watch because it simply had so much going on! You have showed us that you do not need to have the fanciest effects to have something really nice. I liked how everything was created with no black lines at all and just raw color.

It's great to see how funny the body movements are in this one. For every frame, there are crazy characters jumping and dancing around. It could use more of a background but it still works very well for itself. The song is so silly itself it would make sense something simple would be a good tribute to it. It's pretty much forgotten on this website now.

PPcanarkis responds:

Thank you.
It is sad to see that classic NG is essentially dead now though :(

Its great!

You did good.

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PPcanarkis responds:

Thank you :3


This is good and verry pointless. In agood way acually. 4/5

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PPcanarkis responds:

Very pointless, but I'm happy you liked it :D

banana phone!

i love that song. and your animation was decent and exeptional in a couple spots. drawings were not great but when you got a song like banana phone it doesnt really matter cause its so awesome. this should definately pass.

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PPcanarkis responds:

A very belated thank you ;)

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4.38 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2008
12:46 PM EDT
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