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My first submission, and I am still a bit new to flash.
It took me about three days to make, mainly because I know nothing when it comes to scripting. Thank the NG forums though, the forums here are great :3
Try not to be too harsh, I'm still getting used to the tools in flash, and I'm working with my laptop touchpad as well (stupid broken mouse >< )

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I was amused, but if I wasn't stoned I probably would not have watched the whole thing through. I liked the animation at the end, shows me you improved alot while you where making this.

PPcanarkis responds:

I made it back in 2008, and the end was the only part I really took any real effort to make. The end was all done frame by frame, while most of the the prior was just me experimenting with the features of flash. Thank you for the belated and stoned review though ;)

I remember...

When this first came out in 08. I didn't have an account back then, but i was still a regular to the portal. It's severely catchy to the point that it will make your ears bleed. I love it.... And as far as first flashes go, this is amazing. Great job.

PPcanarkis responds:

Thank you Finalfina, I did made it many years ago, and I thank you for remembering (even with my delayed response back XD ). It was just a test run really, but I am glad you liked it!
I haven't made much, or posted anything sense, but I may get back into some time in the future again!

it was pretty good

the reason i gave this thing a 7 was beacuse of the art it was'nt bad but it neaded some work

PPcanarkis responds:


i don't usually give bad reviews

but looks like something made in 5 minutes

PPcanarkis responds:

Good for you, going against your standards! ...


isnt this stolen from the harry potter parody series on you tube?

PPcanarkis responds:

??? and no.

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3.23 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2008
12:46 PM EDT
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