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Weapons Maths Destruction

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[Cheers for the front page!]

You control a purple tank out to wreak havoc in Battle Town. However in order for your shells to have effect on the enemy, you must first answer a maths question in a time limit. Different types of enemy require different types of maths questions to be answered. Answer fast enough and you will be awarded an instant reload!


Arrows: Move
Space: Shoot
Number keys: Enter answer to questions
Enter: Submit answer

MUSIC: TEDD are awesome, check out their stuff here: myspace.com/teddrec


Made me think.

...and thinking is a good thing.

This is a concept not unlike Typing of the Dead. Take an existing game type (in this case, tank shooting...I guess) and add something educational (math, here).

Now, I normally don't like math, but the addition (no pun intended) of it to the gameplay made things hectic. A simple math problem becomes increasingly hard when you have to shoot faster than the other tank (especially with a time limit on the problem). I could actually see this game having multiplayer...if a net code could be made for it.

The game had nice, clean graphics and they were easy to look at. The music never got on my nerves, either (and that was during a 10 minute time span).

The only gripe I had about the game was the corners. Whenever I went to turn onto a street to avoid a tank (or shoot at one in some instances), I'd find myself bumping against the side of a building instead of going down the street. Let's just say I died a few times and felt it was worth bringing up.

All in all, it's a good game. I won't (or can't, in any case) go into how I could make a better game, cause frankly I can't (and neither can most of the people on Newgrounds), but that's not what a reviewer does. I give it an 8/10 on here, and I'll vote it a 4.

Good job!

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Do you see it?

Excellent game concept, but there's one fundamental flaw:
Some of the math is wrong.

The green tanks display a problem of the form x^2 + ax + b = 0, where you solve for the two possible solutions for x. Unfortunately, the answers that the game accepts as correct are the opposites of the actual correct answers.

For example, shooting at a green tank might give you the problem x^2 + 6x + 8 = 0. The correct answers to this problem are found by factoring this problem into (x + 4)(x + 2) = 0 and finding that x = -2 or x = -4. However, the answers accepted for the problem are x = 2 and x = 4.

So overall, good game with a small but important flaw. Also, maybe throw in some more advanced math?

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Not bad but I hate maths (Sorry Mrs. Preiss)!
It's a little too easy...
You can do something else like that
but with other possibilities! Continue!

...But the music is awesome!


the math questions were easy, no powerups, same map over and over again... not my kind of game... maybe it seems bad cuz i just played the best game i really love... maybe update it with some extras, that would be nice ^^

not that good

of course the idea is good, but the game behind the idea is boring, just shootin tanks and answer maths questions, i dont know...
when i read about this on the front page, i thought about a tank game where i have to calculate angle, velocity and so on in order to hit the other tanks, but this is kinda ...lame

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3.43 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2008
12:22 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional