Weapons Maths Destruction

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You control a purple tank out to wreak havoc in Battle Town. However in order for your shells to have effect on the enemy, you must first answer a maths question in a time limit. Different types of enemy require different types of maths questions to be answered. Answer fast enough and you will be awarded an instant reload!


Arrows: Move
Space: Shoot
Number keys: Enter answer to questions
Enter: Submit answer

MUSIC: TEDD are awesome, check out their stuff here: myspace.com/teddrec

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dam fun game!!!
and them gold tanks with the arithmetic sequence
wait did i say fun? i mean hard

I thought this game wasn't bad. I wasn't expecting to die when I got the answers right. It was more like a typical game then. I do admit that the graphics aren't that good. Everything seems too simplistic. It was just lacking detail.

The music was still pretty good. You had a decent amount of mobility. I guess I was just expecting more interactivity. I never got one wrong while I was playing! Then again, it isn't that complicated.


Questions were a little hard at times. PARDON ME IF I CAN'T MULTIPLY 135 BY 3 IN MY HEAD IN A FEW SECONDS. Also some of the enemies took several shots to kill, which was bullshit. If you want to make the golden tanks harder to beat, just make their questions harder, no need to add on HP as well.

Also, awesome graphics and sound.

Retro, Maths Fun - but needs faster restart

This is a tough game with a good soundtrack, nice graphics and a reasonably inspired gameplay. However, there are a few significant faults that knock its score down. The biggest fault is that once you die (which can happen very quickly) it takes a long time for the game to pull up the final score and then you have to click to return to the main menu and click again to start a new game. The user shouldn't have to move their hands from the keyboard to restart play - this forced pause in the gameplay quickly diminishes the players interest in replay, especially when death is so readily available.

The other issue is that it is easy to get your tank stuck in corners, requiring you to reverse course several times to navigate around the corner. I'd recommend setting up the board in a movement boxes type scenario since the tactics of the game are more about fast reflexes and fast computation instead of navigating the tank.

The game is rather fun when you are playing it, but the slow time between the frequent deaths sours the experience.

I died.

It's actually an ok game. Gotta be a fast thinker though. I'm not.

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3.55 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2008
12:22 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional