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With your mouse, quickly draw a wire around the boxes as they fly across the screen. The more boxes you get with one wire, the higher the combo, and the higher the score! Each level brings on a new challenge: faster boxes, dangerous bombs, and helpful powerups.

20 levels, 3 kinds of boxes: infinite fun!


Wire, huh? Boxes.

This was good, ya know.


Nice gameplay but kinda boring.


I'm not sure why this has such a high rating. The game is average at best.

For one thing, the game play is too damn slow! By the time the time the first square is completely on the screen you've already lost 6 or 7 seconds, so trying to get a higher score is damn near impossible. On the 4th or 5th level (I forget which), by the time there were enough squares on the screen to even give me a chance to get the required score, the timer ran out and the game was over. EVEN THOUGH I HAD 11 LIVES LEFT!

What's the point of having lives if the game can end anyway?

prograhamming responds:

haha. Have you got to level 10 yet? try to tell me the game is too slow then.

The lives and timer are two ways to lose, to make the game harder. You need to be fast AND coordinated.

Needs some improvement

Well the title I chose for this review could make certain people think that I'm going to write a bad review, hence the score. But I only found one major mistake, but I'm going into that later.

The graphics were good, I mean, they weren't bad, but they weren't outstanding either. I personally prefer games where all the colors don't make too much contrast. Anyway in this case isn't too bad because you stayed focused on the boxes, I mean, they were easy to spot.

Regarding to the gameplay, it wasn't a new concept, but that doesn't mean a game can't be fun.

Something I didn't like was the speed of the game, OK, at the first level (maybe the second) everything must be slow so the player can get used to the game, but after some time it got boring. Really, the games where the players have more fun are those where things happens fast, when you need good reflexes to respond to everything.

Now, the worst thing about your name is the fact that whether boxes appear or not is random. Sometimes to beat levels the only things you need is luck, I mean, you need luck for the right boxes to appear to the needed speed so you can score a big combo.
This is the only thing that I really see the need to be fixed, because it is very bad to lose all your score just because it's impossible to reach the score (and believe me, sometimes it really is).

And the sound was very good for the game, it wasn't the most fascinating ever but I liked it. Sometimes I felt the beat didn't go accordingly to the speed of the game (when the boxes moved very slowly and the beat was fast).

So, overall I'd say you need to fix the way the boxes appear, it would be nice too if the game was faster.

My review score will be 7/10, and I voted 4/5 just because I felt 3 was too low.

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Some improvements could be made...


The graphics were alright. I quite liked the background colours etc. But the graphics of the squares coming in seemed pretty poor and the green around the line you drew again looked pretty poor.


I quite liked the idea behind the game. Yet it wasn't executed so well. Sometimes you would draw a loop with your "wire" yet the game didn't sense that so you had to draw it again.

On another note, the game simply wasn't fast enough. I feel asleep after the second level and gave up as it took ages just for the sqaures to get away from the edge so i could draw them again.

I would like to see you make another version of this, a little faster and with some cool new features and the testing of the circle improved. I think a cool feature you could add is a limited "length" for the "wire", so you can't just circle the whole lot.

Graphics 5/10
Gameplay 6/10
Sound 5/10
Overal 6/10

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prograhamming responds:

Thanks for the review. I've already got it sponsored, so its not going to change, but I'll think about some of these things in my next game.

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3.22 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2008
10:49 AM EDT
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