First Draw

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Shoot the enemy before he shoots you.
Move the mouse to rotate the player.
Click the mouse to fire.



You should make the guys move or more guys show up to shoot
but ya i like were ur goin
keep trying and i'll bet tom we'll put this on page

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Achyut responds:

Thanks, I hope to include your suggestions in my next update of the game.

I 'kinda like...

this idea. You should add more graphics(like a battlefield or something). Anyhow, the audio needs to be a bit more on the metal side, but it'll do. The control does it's job. Good going.............vp

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Achyut responds:

Thank you! I shall search for some better music. Can you help me?


gets boring after 10 kills and graphics are bad. look like the autor spent about 10 minutes for the game?^^

Achyut responds:

I have spent two days to develop this game. I am a dude!

too easy

not a bad quick draw game, i finished it on my 1st attempt perfectly so it needs to be made harder. If you added a reload to the weapon ie. made it single shot with a 1 second reload and made "false alarms" to draw peoples fire it would make it more challenging. The core you have here is good, if the graphics are tweaked up and more is added to the actual game play i think you have a winner here.

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Achyut responds:

Thank you OK! I shall try to improve upon this foundation.

Not bad

Quite simple
But not too bad

However you can hit an enemy multiple times which allowed me to complete levels by only killing one guy!?!?!?

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Achyut responds:

This glitch has been corrected.

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2.51 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2008
6:40 AM EDT
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