Dye Hard!

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This is a unique game where you have to smack down colored blocks using your ball.
Collect bonuses to increase your points and lives. Info: The game is getting more fun the more you play it... believe me... :)

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very fun! i'm curious as to how you could involve more strategy to the game.


Didn't even realize I played this for so long.

End stats on HARD difficulty:

Score: 96800
Stage: 34
Gravity: 3.85

To get big scores, reduce gravity for the first 15-20 rounds, then always start colleting the level *100 bonuses. It's kinda tricky to always hit the right spots at the end of the level, so that's the tricky part.

Thank you.

This game is entertaining.

Some issues:
In level 27, gravity 3.8, it became impossible to direct the ball onto the correct block in one move.
The amount of time the ball spends in the air shrinks but the movement speed(left & right) remains the same?

The gameply in all the levels is pretty cool but too similar.
Perhaps, adding bosses would spice things up and do the trick.
The game needs more variety to truly shine.

Nice Work!

Fun, simple, addicting, yet gets kind of hard as you play for a while. Didn't realize i was hooked til i was on lv 32!!^^


Fun game overall, good gameplay, very original.
Two constructive criticisms:
1. a little more difficulty, more gravity, slower side to side movement.
2. more random bonuses, mix them up more, randomize point values.

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4.04 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2008
3:54 AM EDT
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