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Jerry the CareBear

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Ok! Lemme tell you again...Bully is the BEST GAME EVER!! x3

Now about this crack induced flash, you may not know the character Jerry, but he's a townie and you useually see him alot in the town walking around. xD And the other guy with the orange tanktop is Otto. :P I didn't intend to 'yaoi-tize' them. I just thought that they would be friends in the actually game cause they're both sort of the grunts of the Townie clique. xD And NO! Jerry is not the gay townie, neither is Otto. The gay on is Duncan, he's the one with the faux hawk and the white tanktop. He's awesome too!

Reason why Jerry's cool!! I actually used to like Gary a lot more, but so does everyone else, so I decided to be a fan of another person! I choose Jerry cause he's funny and so are all the other Townies! I love them all! (sept for Zoe, she's a ho. :P) I also like all the bullies, and only three of the preps, Bif, Derby, and Gord. ;D And I had to add Jimmy, Petey, and Gary in too! :P

Now I don't know what made me do this flash, but I just saw my old CareBear theme song mp3 and decided that I wanted to animate something to it! xD And it's from the oldschool carebear show. The cartoon, not the new one, that one sucks. They totally turned Wish Bear into a girl! What the hell?! Ehem...anyways...yeah, no yaoi in this one, sept for Trent and Kirby, but they're canon anyways! So it doesn't matter. :P But huzzah, Bully rocks! Go buy it if you haven't yet!!

Any questions, ask away! If they aren't stupid I might answer them.

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Sep 28, 2008
12:13 AM EDT