I wish I were the Moon

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A very short experimental game. I'd love to have your feedback... Thanks for playing!

Development Facts:

* As nikatu mentioned on the reviews, it is inspired on Italo Calvino's "The Distance of the Moon"
* The music is "Lamento di Tristano and La Rotta" by Cheryl Ann Fulton. Used under Creative Commons License.


Aww, this is cute! I hope there's another one out there like this.

Simple walkthrough for all endings:
- Put boy or girl in the water - Tragic
- Put both on the boat - Lost Love
- Put boy on the smaller moon and back on the boat - Bring Me the Moon
- Put both on the Seagull - Seagull Trip
- Put only the girl on the moon - I am Your Moon

I...think that's all of them?

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Sweet (in an older sense of the word)

I enjoyed this very much! It was very nice, in a way I don't think I was meant to understand entirely. As for the reviewer below who called the animation "crappy," I would like to counterpoint with something cartoonist Scott McCloud once said in an illustrated book he'd written on cartooning.

The entire book was narrated by a caricature of Scott, and at one point the caricature abruptly turned into a very well done self-portrait. He drew himself more simply not because he HAD to but because, as he explained, he felt people could relate better to simpler drawings, because with fewer details there was a better chance they could impose their images of themselves onto those characters. In the world of video games, eight-bit sprites are caricatures. Any of us could be the boy on the moon or the girl in the boat.

In a website unfettered by censorship, it's very heartnening to know that there are some people who still default to looking at the nicer parts of being human. Thank you.

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i make all the ends in one game :D

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I just love the "I am your moon" ending :D
Good game.

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Great job

Call me crazy, but there's something "romantic" about pixel games. Their simple animations often leave the most lasting impressions, a unique legacy that the photorealism of many modern games can't match. How many of us remember Monkey Island, or Day of the Tentacle, or Full Throttle (and so many others) as our favorite games of all time?

Yeah, I'm getting a bit sentimental for a site like Newgrounds, but I truly feel these are the greatest games of all time. "I Wish I Were the Moon" somehow captures a piece of that magic, short as it is. Looking forward to your next submission.

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4.39 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2008
9:07 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other

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