Pointless In Action

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The City Needs You!

Tractor Sharks roam the streets, Taco Right's Activists have shut down the Taco Mine, and you're clearly going crazy. Nevertheless, the city must be saved, and you're just the sort of Superhero they need.

Pointless In Action is an turn based rpg in which you battle the forces of stupid. Defeat enemies to gain xp, loot, and explore the map. Maps are randomly generated for each player and are revealed as you kill each enemy. Perform "heroic" deeds to gain more ego.

Some hints:
-All weapons deal splatter damage which deals damage to enemies colors randomly
-Skills deal one type of colored damage.
-1 point of red (stupid) damage to an enemy = you gain 1 point of red/stupid juice (basically mana)
-The skill background colors indicate the color of juice it uses
-Enemies will split up in multiple colors once you're level 2. Each split attacks separately while it has color remaining.



Thanks for the awesome game....no im not stealing it

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I am surprised this is only your 1st submission, as i assumed you had done loads!

also, if this is your first, imagine what any sequels would be like

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Ezin responds:

This is my first flash game (I mostly did the programming though). I don't think a sequel will be my next game though as I think the next game should be a bit more mainstream to attract more people.


I loved this game. I never give a perfect 10 but this game really held me. Not too complex, yet not senslessly simple. I NEED ME SOME EPISODE TWO! The only thing I can possibly say could use improvement, perhaps a bonus if you match your costume.

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after reading some negative reviews, i thought this game would suck shit! so i played and found out this is an awesome game and like blackythenegro i played so long my eyes hurt!!!!!!
P.S. hardest stage: TV station (for me) because i didnt finish the game i ended lvl. 5 XP

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Really good!

May be a simple explanations on how the juices, skills and mobs hp depends on each other could help other users give better reviews. I learnt it the hard way cuz once in battle u don't have time to check what does what when u are a noob u just see ur HP dropping if u have found where i is lol :P

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3.59 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2008
8:53 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG