Pointless In Action

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The City Needs You!

Tractor Sharks roam the streets, Taco Right's Activists have shut down the Taco Mine, and you're clearly going crazy. Nevertheless, the city must be saved, and you're just the sort of Superhero they need.

Pointless In Action is an turn based rpg in which you battle the forces of stupid. Defeat enemies to gain xp, loot, and explore the map. Maps are randomly generated for each player and are revealed as you kill each enemy. Perform "heroic" deeds to gain more ego.

Some hints:
-All weapons deal splatter damage which deals damage to enemies colors randomly
-Skills deal one type of colored damage.
-1 point of red (stupid) damage to an enemy = you gain 1 point of red/stupid juice (basically mana)
-The skill background colors indicate the color of juice it uses
-Enemies will split up in multiple colors once you're level 2. Each split attacks separately while it has color remaining.

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sequel anyone

How much longer till the sequel???

Ezin responds:

Unfortunately episode 2 won't be coming out. The game had trouble finding an audience outside newgrounds and I've since moved onto making other games.

Thanks for playing!


at first i thought this game would be, as it said, pointless, with only 4 fights, one reason was because the only class was ice cream. but after playing it i see that its a lot more, and kept me amused for a few hours.

Great game...

It may be bored at times especially after the episode is over though. Nice effort though :)

ehhhhhhh :( i umm

it was way to confusing really boring and pointless like its name said but great work anyways!


This isn't the BEST GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED but, it kept me entertained for a few hours I beat all the quests I can I think. Got the little bubble looking dude and now I can't get past riots, icy berg, or rain clouds and the portal in the amusement park. Not sure if that was leaving it open to maybe expanding it or idk what but was just curious.

A lot of people are giving this game crap but at first I didn't like it either cause I kept dying, but the game is somewhat strategy based. I found that you want to focus on the enemies lowest HP bar by using the respective attack. This minimizes damage done to you if you go for the weakest ones first and makes the game a lot easier.

The graphics aren't great but oh well not everyone on newgrounds is Picaso so give the guy a break.

It's a goofy little game and I liked it.

Credits & Info

3.67 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2008
8:53 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG