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READ: yes, i submitted this earlier in the day. it wasn't blammed, but i wanted to make some changes, so i removed it.


hihi. a couple of years since i last contributed to the crap filled dump that is newgrounds. i wouldn't even count this as a contribution either to be honest, but it's k.

so ya, this big project for school. had to make a game for kids. whatever program you wanted. i chose flash, and here's the outcome. even though it's for kids, i'm sure the majority of newgrounds will love it.

we had to follow this website, and everything had to be specific. the first level had to have a slideshow of pictures, then questions. the second level had to have a video of some kind, then questions. then the third level would just be a couple of puzzles.

i know most people won't read this, so thats why i've provided some description at the beginning too.

also, everything was made by me. the song, the drawings, the video by me. the only thing secondary was some of the sounds used, ya.

k, enjoy. x

those curious about the course: I took a course known as D.I.D.A (Diploma in Digital Applications) for two of my GCSE's. we actually get four out of them, so it's quite good. to get all 4 gcses, you had to create four projects, and this specific project let me show my true colours in flash.

The project was known as "Crack the Code". it had to be a game, any program, made specifically for kids. being my idiotic self, i decided to go that extra mile. i added plot, drawing, shading, actionscript, lip sync, etc. it took me far too long, when it should have really been a simple game, but there you go. i'm quite proud of the outcome, even though some can say my skills are being wasted on a piece like this, but nevermind.

i ended up getting an A* on this project. 39 out of 42. when i asked why i didn't get the full marks, no reason was given, and i honestly couldn't be bothered to argue.

i'm yet to receive my actual grades for D.I.D.A yet, so if anyone is interested, i'll give you a shout out when i find out. for some reason, you have to wait longer, as i have already received all of my other grades in my other subjects.


thanks for reading. :D

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For the guidelines you followed, it was very good. I know it is meant for kids, but I still found a few things that I think could be fixed up. On the find the difference puzzle, there is an (I assume) unintentional difference involving the level 1 door blocking an object. Also, entering the proper code before the 'invalid' one given to you results in access denied which I don't think should happen, but not a big deal the first time you play through. Lastly, I agree with a few others in that there should be an ending. Perhaps something in the safe that would possibly be a big clue to the detective as to who the killer was.

Aside from those minor details, it was good for a kids game and stuck well to the guidelines of the project you were given. Good job.

I don't rate on difficulty

I rate on originality and how condusive a flash is to it's target audience, graphics,.and presentation in general.

JimmyDodger responds:

atleast somebody does.

Reason for the points off

it was pretty bloody easy. all in all, only a few minute game. good, but short. and I think you might want to get Audacity and clean up the audio. seems WAY too deep a lot of the time.


it was good, you can tell you put alot into it. you can also tell it was meant for kids, it everything was so easy. it even seemed it would be a little easy for kids too though. anyway good job.


for a school project, this was great. yeah, its easy, but since its for kids, i dont care. it took me 5-10 minutwes to beat. there were two things, though, i didnt like:

1. if you forget a vcode, you should be able to just get it back, not be forced to get all the clues again. (i have a bad memory)

2. you didnt say who killed the vittim. edit your file then submit it again for an even higher score (just click edit, dont delete the submission).

maybe thats why you lost 3 points: you didnt say who killed the victim. great job, anyways!

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Sep 27, 2008
1:32 PM EDT
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