Mouse Hider Improved Redo

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Ok guys, I took some of the suggestions on board - eliminated another cheat, added 2 new levels, which, unless a cheat is found, will take a long time to pass and more music. Hope you enjoy!




boy do I love to cheat

capncoolio responds:

jeez, now i have to add in a script to not allow alt too, bah ive got better things to do

Much improvment needed

The graphics overall are too plain, you can still cheat (ctrl button) and if you're desperate the scroll. Don't resubmit again until you greatly inmprove.

New graphics, level themes, creative levels and no cheating.

capncoolio responds:

Thanks for the tips.

There is no way of cheating...

... but I cannot understand how a game like this is supposed to entertain me. It just bores and annoys me. Nevertheless, I pay respect for the technical realization.

capncoolio responds:

Well, it's just a little thing I'd decided to take on after seeing another persons submission.


Nice improvement, I found the other cheat and beat in like 1 minute. HINT: Use another box to pinpoint your position.

capncoolio responds:

What exactly do you mean? Send me a PM please.

the game is

easy once u cheat and guess what i cheated u can try to fix it 4 starters just push alt and u see the mouse

capncoolio responds:

I can't seem to make the stupid mo-fo accept CTRL and ALT keystrokes.

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Sep 27, 2008
5:54 AM EDT
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