Adventures of Bloon: Log

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Doing this one I learned.... Actionscript is a cold-hearted beast of a programming language. And I now what you're all going to say: "actionscript is eeeeaaasssyyy... you're just retaded." Well, yes, yes I am. I'm too graphically inclined to know much about programming or even care about it. But I looked it up. You're welcome. As for animation, I know I didn't use any tweens n' crap. I personally hate tweens, and prefer to do it all frame by frame by frame, so nyeh to your hamsters. Nyeh, I say... >.>


Not bad

The animation had it's charm... but the joke/story wasn't great.
Keep tryin'

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DDgeek84 responds:

Well you see, I was never really trying in the first place... this whole flash was a product of pure and utter boredom. Glad you got the joke, though. Doesn't look like anyone else got it... But anyways, in the future, the adventures of Bloon should have a storyline. Or at least a vague hint at one. :3


i dont get it but the stile is some kind of cool

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DDgeek84 responds:

Awesomeness! Glad you enjoy the style. I suppose that's how Bloon's gonna go from now on. And don't worry, there wasn't much to get in the first place. Like the flash said, created by boredom, animated by me.


boring .... weird and very very pointless sorry >.<

DDgeek84 responds:

Pah, no yer not. And yes, it was pointless. This is the point or boredom and its evil creations. With luck, the next one should be better. Y'know.... seeing as it doesn't take a lot to animate these things in the first place.

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2.56 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2008
4:22 AM EDT
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