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Power Star 4.5

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Author Comments

The first parody of Power Star 4 ever.

I've been working on this ever since I saw Power Star 4 on the Sun Studios forums. It's one of the most epic movies I've ever seen, so I decided to go ahead and parody it. I made this movie in a little over a week, working as often as I possibly could, so I hope you get some laughs out of my efforts. It's a little over five minutes long, so grab about half as much popcorn as you would have during the real Power Star finale.

Before anyone asks, no, I didn't decompile the real movie just to get some sprites. All the customs are by me. And yes, that is my voice acting. I should have gotten D-Mac to do it. He owns.

Oh yeah, there's an easter egg somewhere in the menu :)


A Spoof/Advertisement of "Power Star"

I advise viewers to watch the entire "Power Star" series before playing this Flash for the fullest effect. Under no condition will it work any other way.

JonBro made several attempts at a worthy sprite spoof that sucks up to the masters. Daniel Sun's magnum opus in terms of sprite cartoons, "Power Star", receives similar treatment here. In "4.5", JonBro makes a slaphappy out of everything that the fourth installment simply was not. In a sense, watching them one after the other is cathartic.

Okay, if you didn't get the plot of Daniel Sun's works, Mario got possessed by boos, and Luigi and the whole of Mushroom Kingdom's retainers fight a losing battle to contain the creature's insatiable appetite for Power Stars. It doesn't end well, and while it's not the first Mario sprite cartoon modeled as a tragedy, it was heart-wrenching. JonBro, having considered imitation the finest form of flattery, knew that he might not go anywhere in particular doing so, but he took us for quite a ride in lampooning every last nugget of the final episode of "Power Star".

By itself, it looks like a classic spoof of Mario that's as senseless and random as they come. JonBro's do-it-yourself voice-over venture did not fall flat on his face; it's better this way anyway, since I doubt D-Mac would have went along with this idea. The sprite customs are noticeably JonBro and lack the polish of the originals, although he can get away with it in this context. Finally, the soundtrack is goofier, almost ridiculous and totally unnecessary.

Spoofs are meant to derail or pop the inflation of ego inherent in something serious. There is always a lot of rough surrounding each diamond. Naysayers who believe that JonBro is disingenuous and irreverent towards Daniel Sun's brutal opus ought to reconsider the author's angle: yes, that's true, but it's no insult. Think about it: if you made a Flash and submitted it... would anyone want to lampoon it? This Mario spoof is unique in that it not only pokes fun at Mario, it also pokes fun at another author's dramatic vision of Mario. Besides... isn't it better to tease someone you like, rather than someone you don't?

"Power Star 4.5" ain't perfect and doesn't set out to be perfect. It's just a spoof... not to be taken seriously or out of context. In fact, had it not been for this cartoon, I never would have reviewed the "Power Star" series and recall instantly that, yes, I have seen that horrific scene before! It brought me back. If a Flash spoof can pull that off--to make you interested in reliving the source material... then that, my friend, is a Flash worth your time. Of course, "Power Star" itself is even better, though that goes without saying....

JonBro responds:

I appreciate the score but I stopped reading when you said "advertisement."


This parody of Power Star 4 is an total insult. You didn't result any better then D-Sun. You didn't realize that Power Star 4 was supposed to have a sad ending, while you made it funny, betraying the original means of Power Star 4. I gave 2 only because of you made it a bit alike Power Star 4,but THAT'S ALL. Period.

JonBro responds:

By no means was I betraying anything. I love the Power Star series and I fully recognize that it was supposed to have a sad ending, especially since I was among many who got chills and nearly was reduced to tears watching it. It was its brilliance that led me to make something in honor of Daniel Sun's amazing work--this movie was for him more than it was for anyone else. And he liked it.

Really funny

First Mario hurt himself and then he fight against luigi like a pussy.
Oh dear god is this stupid.

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i love the plot twists and such, and when u mentioned the knife and suddenly it was "returned it to Wal-Mart" i laughed my butt off!

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Literal easter egg. :D

This was hilarious in so many ways. I didn't really like the whole everybody dies scenario.

I like how Mario's flailing his arms and on fire at the menu.

Congratulations, excellent animation. An excellent parody of an excellent series.

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Credits & Info

4.03 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2008
6:40 PM EDT
  • Frontpaged September 29, 2008
  • Daily Feature September 27, 2008
  • Weekly 5th Place October 1, 2008