On the Campaign Trail

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You are a freelance political campaigner - and your specialty is the smear campaign. You lie, accuse, scandalize, manipulate, fabricate, insinuate, and exaggerate your way to be the best mudslinger you can be.
In this game, you must prevent presidential candidates (starting in 2007, including those who were in the primaries) from completing their tours of the country. For every politician's reputation you besmirch, you earn cash. Use your money to set up mud-slinging towers throughout the campaign trail. When a politician passes by, the towers will throw mud and cause the person to lose local popularity. When their local popularity reaches zero, they give up their tour.
However, if the candidate does complete their tour, you lose reputation points. Potential freelance employers may start to think that you have integrity, and will not hire you to do their dirty work. If your mud-slinging reputation falls to zero, you lose the game. When the candidate completes the tour, they gain in national popularity, and begin touring once more. Whichever politician has the most national popularity by the end of the game, they will be the new U.S. President. The second most popular becomes the Vice President.
And they are not without their own tricks - every third level a politician sets up a Public Relations tower. This tower helps the candidates save face, and reduces the damage caused by your mud. Also, every level a house is built along the trail (back when you could buy a home for $99 and a job), reducing the space available for your towers. The only way to destroy these buildings is to bribe a government official to call for Eminent Domain, and claim the property.

To be fair to all the candidates, their order of appearance is randomized, and will be different each time you play (with the exception of GWB, who shows up every 5th level). They all have an equal chance of becoming President. Who will you let rule the United States?


Haha, wow.

I saw this and figured "Why not?"

Well, I kept on playing until the debate started. It's so addicting. You should make a sequel. ;)

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Simply funny....!

i sorry, but

that was one of the most boring games ive played on ng. i usually tell people what they can do to make it better, but i just hate this. sorry

Nice Game

its a really nice game (stolen idea but still nice)
i made it to lvl 67 but i got bored and closed the window.
i had almost 1mil lol.

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3.52 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2008
5:46 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense