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Towers of Hanoi Puzzle

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I get bored during math class. When I get bored, I write code. Thanks to my math class for inspiring me(and giving me the time) to come up with this.

It's simple really: try to move the stack of discs from one tower to the other.
Two rules: -You can only move one disc at a time
-You cannot place a larger disc on top of a smaller one.

This game is solvable for any number of discs. The minimum number of moves to win is always (2^number of discs)-1. Maybe 10 discs is something you should only resort to playing if extremely bored.

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Good puzzle game

Once you catch the algorithm, it's kind of simple. And each extra ring adds 2n+1 moves to the puzzle. Or, 2^n - 1 moves total

A puzzle with 11 rings would require 2,047 moves, and a long time


you made this good for a spare time thing
really hard and time wasteing, i like it


Awww I keep getting the idea of what I need to do on the third to last ring of the 10 rings, but I lose track of what I was doing by the time I get half way through!

The coding and user friendliness were a problem, and some cooler graphics would have made the game more entertaining. An indication of whether you were 'holding' a ring would have been nice other than the ugly black text in the middle. ALSO victory sounds would have been cool, maybe high score tables or something?
Anyway, lots of room for improvement, but still an acceptable game.

Nice work

Ah, the tower of hanoi has always been one of my favorite problems...I love the fable associated with it: at the dawn of time, a monk was faced with a tower of hanoi with 64 rings. he is able to move one ring a second, and when he completes the puzzle, the universe will end. That gives us about 600 billion years to work with, so no worries =). Also it just gives you an idea of the POWER of exponents (pun not originally intended but duly noted).

So the game itself is obviously not a completely new concept, but still well done. I found the music was appropriate and liked the ring selection option. i have no real complaints, except for that the piece selection did seem a tad buggy as someone has already mentioned. Doesn't really interfere with playability though. So really a good job overall! I would love to see more novel games in this vein.


GREAT JOB FURTHER ENTERTAIN ME :D btw im working on the ten right now :D