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Meow Meow Dance

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Well well well. Here is a fan animation of NCH's meow meow. Like, seriously, I saw the intermission flash thing and 'a normal day wif meow meow' and was stunned. This is going back a while to when I just started flash - where I thought those ultimate naruto fan flashes were the shiz. JESUS CHRIST WHAT HAVE I STUMBLED ON, I THOUGHT YOU COULD ONLY DO BASIC CRAP.

Anyway, I tried to NOT put this up on newgrounds, because I reckon newgrounds is better than deviantart, but I couldn't resist :C .

If you like, then if you wouldn't mind, rate 5, favourite, do anything to promote this. I wanna get a few more people watchin ma stuff before I finish my next flash in the adventures of sean series.



I liked it! I watched It twice, and on the third time I tried to dance to the moves, but the moves were okay thought not exellent how I did it. So I only rated 3.5. But good, though. :3


awesome,this made me happy xD im gonna share it on deviantart and facebook. 8D hope u get lots of stars! :3

Hah! I love it X3

Even though it was a loop, I thought it was adorable, and the music was cool, too! (LOVE the DDR scene :D)

10/10, and a cookie. *hands you a choco. chip cookie* :3 I made it myself.


dude! this is epically awesome! :D i love tis XD

I love that cat

At first I thought this was going to be a remix of the famous "Kitty Cat Dance" clip you see on the Internet. It was interesting to find that it was something original. It's cool to see how far you can go with dancing cats. Sure, it wasn't the most creative thing I've seen, but for me, the idea of cats dancing is just so cool it can't go wrong. The animation was very nice and I like how calm the cat is. I am quite impressed that you made the audio yourself as it's good enough sounding to be professional.

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4.22 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2008
4:25 AM EDT
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