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TomFulp Funnies!

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From the makers of...Funnies...
Madness Day Funnies 1 & 2...
Hand Funnies...
and Yotam Perel Funnies...
we bring you...

"Tom Fulp Funnies!"

A tribute to a manly creator of newgrounds.

After weeks of work and a boatload of humor and the funniest jokes we could think of it is finally finished!

Enjoy the feature presentation and please vote five.


I don't think so

I am pretty sure that this is not the DOMOFlashVideos I usually think of. While I did like it how this managed to have some music, it still did not work out well because so little happened. I was expecting this to be like Tom Fulp porn or something. I am quite glad it was something different. The thing you guys need to work with is creating a background and having the characters move and not just have them being represented in square boxes. You should try to remove the box outline.

The good part was that it was kind of unpredictable. I did not see Jerry coming there from a mile away, but it was not that entertaining. It was hard to read at times. I thought for a moment there it said, "Tom Fulp with a foe" and not "Tom Fulp with a fox". Well, I suppose it would not matter if he considered a fox an actual foe.


its not very good so its 8/10

Uh, wow.

Probably the worst thing I've ever seen on Newgrounds.

this is not even funny

look i can make my own:
arrowloser is the the king of teenagers
arrowloser has a mouse on his head
arrowloser does not like mushrooms
arrowloser is at the salon
arrowlosers hair is now short.

Tom Fulp and Jerry?

Why do you put Jerry in the video?

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4.38 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2008
10:44 PM EDT
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