.:Gravity Ball:.

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Bounce on the platforms and collect stars. When the circle in the middle fills up, the direction of gravity will change. So watch out! Use the spacebar to float and make the transitions easier.

-Arrows keys or wasd to move.
-Space to float through the air.

:: Author Comments ::
So I made this game awhile ago and I'm super excited to finally release it, because it's been sitting on my comp doing nothing forever, so I hope you guys like it, it's nothing big but I wanted to make something smooth and fun, and I'm happy with the way it came out so enjoy!

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Awesome man!

Yeah, this was actually lots of fun!

I must admit, it does get a bit repetitive after a while, but the change of gravity keeps it interesting. It was a bit slow, but maybe if you expanded on the idea, it could become something really fantastic and huge.

Great game, awesome graphics, and very smooth.


But fun and addicting!

good but

needs powerups or such, hope you kept the flash file. its awsome, but a little more could make it a daily feature.

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Gravity makes god's brain go kablooiee &gt;.&lt;

Well, honestly when i first played this, i only did so for all of about 10 seconds and just put it to sleep. That's before i came back and realized there was gravity. Gravity and balls makes my head spin, all the bouncin' and such.

The stars had no real point i dont think. i stopped playing after i lost solely because it was late and im tired. The game is fun and has an interesting concept. I would like to see more from you.


this game was bad ass man, it was hard, but not frustrating. the visuals were smooth, and everything looked great. i dont have any complaints just one tip that i think would improve the game. maybe have some powerups or something, like slow the paddles or quicken the paddles, something like that. anyway great game.

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3.93 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2008
6:20 PM EDT
Skill - Collect