Tower defence: the canyon

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The forces of darkness have burst into our world; they walk along the land destroying kingdoms one by one. Not long ago we received a report from our scouts that evil forces have reached our borders...

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i`ll start with saying i did quite like it but i found it to be realy hard! and even on easy i got creamed 5 times in a row always starped for cash and being overwelmed by the fast pace leaving me no time to realy think things trough no mather how many ice towers or upgraded earth towers i had the fastest monsters could only be slowed by a fraction but meaby thats just me i`ll try it a few more times with diverent stragety`s since it is quite adicting i sugest making more levels with les waves like other TD games maby some way to make extra cash and more powerfull slowing of monsters


i actual;ly like the game im really into strategy games and defence so i enjoyed the fast pace


personaly i like td gaames but this is too difficult becaysed its too fast paced no time inbetween to think im a thinker not A reacter.... pretty good at first then grows boring fast

kept me entertained

At first, I was skeptical. I mean, i loaded the game, was looking at the towers, and enemies started pouring out before i had any idea what towers to place, where to place, etc etc.

I guess i got lucky; beat it first try without losing a life.

i liked the leveling system, and the cost to level certain aspects of the towers were right on par, i would say. there was never really a time i felt desperate for cash. and the upgrades seemed meaningful. sometimes, you can hardly tell a difference from an upgrade on other games...but this one, you were able to see an impact.

all in all, i thought it was a pretty good, and fun TD. Much better than most i've played before. A little time at the beginning would be nice, and maybe a 30 second break every 10 levels or so would be nice.

It was ok

Ive played better, but I have defiantly worse!
Got to level 50 on my first time before I died.

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2.90 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2008
9:48 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense