dark princess

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//ATTENTION..You have to click Play button twice,one is on the ads, second is my trailer buttons//
//this is my second flash i've produce-it is a trailer from the original 7minute long stories//
//note*this is a trailer-it meant to be short//
//the music file is big//
i just wanna see how things going,
if i get a great score,i will continue,and will improve more for the time being,
otherwise,if i get such a pathetic score,i will stop all ongoing animation cuz it is tiring
and time consuming.

You who watch this,i hope you like it.i spent 24hours a day, for two weeks to reach this far.
If you dont like it,please dont watch it.i put so much effort to improve.and i am still learning.

Thank you for watching.

p.s~thank you for your fair voting :D and who ever gave me nice marks, i love you guys...i'll do my best to do better animations.

The songs for whom that may not so familiar,it is by **Cradle Of Filth- Hallowed By The Name, but there are other bands which plays the same songs such as Iron Maiden-Etc...Check it out.. :D,and thanks again.

~~Thanks for the reviews guys,I read them all,but i did not have enough time to reply all of your comments.the movie is still ongoing an may be delayed for some festive seasons happening in my country now.~~and furthermore,i've got some sickness,and am bsy like hell,but o worries, DP will be up soon. :DJust be patience :) .

****If you guys have myspace, add me up cuz i usually online there.... :D >>>-------->www.myspace.c om/blackapple86

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awesome animation and i love cradle of filth

very great work

very good work, cool voaclist dani filt hahaha

a little music history

first of all i really like the style,but hallowed be thy name is song on iron maidens best album the number of the beast(if you ever need inspiration listen to ever tack on the album). Cradle of filth just played a cover and put it on one of there albums. good flash i want to see how it turns out

thehades responds:

Thanks :D hehe

Excellent work

I loved the mood that the music set and I love your art. The moon was mad creepy, which was perfect for the story. Or what story we've seen, as of now. I look forward to seeing the entire piece. Keep at it.

pretty gud! :D

hey hey hey. lots of potential here for sure. u had me sucked in but then it stoped so yeh tailer.

but man ur drawing are great. and ur human detail in muscles are good.

just a tad more animation and stuff.

im not much of that hardcore music stuff. but it did suit the mov so yeh keep goin and cant wait till the full ver.

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4.14 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2008
8:24 AM EDT