Quiz Of Hell

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this is my first quiz I made and there is
15 questions + 1 secret question so enjoy it.
there are some "crack" words and a question with crack.

I upladed it for the second time because there was a error ingame.
You have to wait for it to load so don`t quit after 5 seconds.
oh an 1 more thing: if something want work ,do mouse rightclick and then click forward and if that dosent work repeat it few times. sorry for my english because i am polish.



for a first quiz I guess 2 is ok but the questions and answers aren't very good some of them have nothing to do with each other. come up with better questions and improve on the pictures a whole LOT and you could have a better game.

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im sure this will get flagged as abusive but i simply must express how stupid these sort of quizes are. the answers are not obvious unless the person taking the quiz is...well, you it would seem. if u get one of your stupid questions wrong you have to start all over , the drawings are lame and the music is annoying to the hilt. you could at least put SOME effort to it. its submissions like this that make me wish i knew flash. i would make something at least worth watching or playing. srry but i found your quiz to be boring and irritating. srry buddy. im not trying to be that mean but, you really could do better.

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i won : P

Not too impressive

Could have been better, the visuals were poor and it needed more of a reward, otherwise, it just seems like a boring test.

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1.69 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2008
6:31 AM EDT
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