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Hello People

This is a Homework for Tomorrow of my 3DMAX Class, but that is not the point

I want to make a Video of a Trailer of a Fictional Game, with this character, a game where you are the bad guy and you mission is to clean the planet from the human race, slaying it. Maybe a game where you are free to go wharever you want but the humans will attack you all the time and you are going to blow their asses XD

If you have suggestions for a Fictional Gameplay, Missions, blah blah blah, leave it in the reviews, all the reviews that i think that would be usefull, i will add them on the special thanks of the movie, maybe i will release it on December


Okay, your 3D style is good...

... but not much else is. It's a rather pointless video (not even a flash!) of a 3D-rendered figure that starts out as a canine and can transform into that creepy guy from Death Note. (Joke.) I'd rate higher, but this is, after all, a 3D video and not a flash, and though there's nothing against the rules that say you must create flashes, it may be a good idea to give a better warning to the viewer of the nature of the video than just saying this is an assignment for 3DMAX class -- I would have thought this was another Xiao Xiao parody.

Not to be rude or anything -- in fact, your 3D art style is very impressive. It's just that, there's no real point to the video besides showing off. Come on, there must be more!

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Osuka responds:

Well, i uploaded the 3d because i want to know the opinions of the people to make the real project, and make something really kickass

i like more to upload things in NG, because youtube sucks a lot to have constructive critism

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Sep 24, 2008
11:28 PM EDT