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Hello People

This is a Homework for Tomorrow of my 3DMAX Class, but that is not the point

I want to make a Video of a Trailer of a Fictional Game, with this character, a game where you are the bad guy and you mission is to clean the planet from the human race, slaying it. Maybe a game where you are free to go wharever you want but the humans will attack you all the time and you are going to blow their asses XD

If you have suggestions for a Fictional Gameplay, Missions, blah blah blah, leave it in the reviews, all the reviews that i think that would be usefull, i will add them on the special thanks of the movie, maybe i will release it on December



I believed in you! I knowed you can make somthing like that! KEEP UP GOOD WORK :)

Osuka responds:

Well, i have a month witout using 3dmax and im a bit rusty, but i have more ideas in mind :)

thanks dude

shit pants material

that was fucking great, i wish i could make stuff like that sorry i cant think of anything to suggest :/

Very amazing

Maybe it could have the ability to transform into other things depending on what it knows. The way it runs could probably be fixed by some sort of wheels and sorts on its feet. As for the story line you could always make it a experiment or a defense mechanism from something that's unknown. I sure prefer though, that you not make it defend the good and that crap. With something this cool you can make a shit load of story lines. The idea of this alone gets a 10/10

Osuka responds:

meybe i can add him the ability to auto repair, if he loses a Arm he can use any peice of metal to generate a new arm

thanks for the comment

incredibly, this is one man´s work displayed

excelente trabajo oscar.

I like the design of your hamal creature, It would be nice to have a game like you mentioned. well... it has alreayd been done, its called destroy all humans, you are a small alien and have to beat the shit out of everyone, but the game is kinda ironic and comedic. you obviosuly want to give it a more "metal" and "dark" atmosphere, and that I like.

excelent design and use of light sources. I cant imagine all the 0´s and 1´s it takes for that thing to move 1 cm.

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Osuka responds:

gracias, quiero darle una atmosfera mucho mas oscura y despiadada, imagina un GTA (la libertad de moverte a donde quieras) + Ninja Gaiden (Movimientos de combate brutales) + Mortal Kombat (Segun Mortal kombat, el cuerpo humano contiene 124.5 litros de sangre)

Awesome job Osuka

Nice to finally see the transformation into his dog form.
:] you're really nicly developping this Character. I also lol'd at the chair part. I already saw the explosion via your youtube.

But if I could suggest something it would be to develop him a bit more. Animation and 3D rendering wise, it's really looking awesome :D

Osuka responds:

wazaap dude, well im open tu suggestions, i will start this project in a month

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Sep 24, 2008
11:28 PM EDT