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Hello People

This is a Homework for Tomorrow of my 3DMAX Class, but that is not the point

I want to make a Video of a Trailer of a Fictional Game, with this character, a game where you are the bad guy and you mission is to clean the planet from the human race, slaying it. Maybe a game where you are free to go wharever you want but the humans will attack you all the time and you are going to blow their asses XD

If you have suggestions for a Fictional Gameplay, Missions, blah blah blah, leave it in the reviews, all the reviews that i think that would be usefull, i will add them on the special thanks of the movie, maybe i will release it on December



amazing work you done would be awsome to see the done one


Try MaestroRage's songs...The good ones are just Classical, but they sound awesome.

he he awesome

transformers more then meets the eye

Osuka responds:

hehe yeah, my 1st character was the robot-goat, but i finished it 5 months before the semester is over, so the teacher told me that i need to add more details..."mmm make him a transformer" so i did it, was really fun to make

Very well done :O

I like the animation but the quality at first seemed a bit odd... though I did laugh when he was in the office chair. Can't wait to see if you do a full length animation :3

Osuka responds:

Im working on the new stuff :3


That reminds me of that old cartoon where animals were androids on Toonami.
The way you wrote your comment confused me.Did you say this is a movie about a game you will never make but will make scenes of what the game would look like?
I saw no gameplay footage,just some awsome randomness with robots.Extermination for a plot sounds nice,hope more of these type of videos get created by you.
--bad grammar person lulz--

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Sep 24, 2008
11:28 PM EDT