The Dark Age

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The Sunset will come and the Power of the Darkness will begin. You must stop the ruination of the World by killing all of the Dark Warriors before the next Sunrise.

Train 10 Land Warriors, 6 Air Warriors, and 8 Super Warriors and use 8 Lethal Magics to clear 65 zones at 10 levels. Kill all Enemy Warriors before the next Sunrise or the Sun never appear again in the World.

Game Control:

Use the Mouse to train Warriors, use Key 1 to switch type to Land Warriors, Key 2 to Air Warriors, Key 3 to Super Warriors and Key 4 to Lethal Magic, Press P to pause the game.

Game Features:

1. 24 Warriors.
2. 8 Lethal Magic.
3. 65 Zones.
4. 10 Challenge Levels.
5. 10 Sunset Backgrounds.
6. 10 Castle's Guards.
7. 2 Incredible Bosses.


Not bad...

Only one thing i would recammend is allowing an option to cancell the creation of soldiers since they are made one at a time. Other than that it's an excellent game to waste time with!!!

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i think its cool

im comeing back to play the rest of this game so i hope you save works if not i will send you a message requesting for you to fix it

please make a part two

and yes i have seen these kind of game many times and yet thay are all equely fun in there own way yours is that i like the story and how you have lvls and then sub lvls with bosses very nice oh and if you make a mistake you cant fix it like i sent out 20 air units on acident and i had to w8 for them to deploy luckly thay where fire arrow air units so thay could attack ground and air


Nothing fun about this game at all. Just another clone.


Been done thousands of times before, this is the one i really hate though, ugly characters and not able to cancel your landguys whilst in need of air units.


Awesome.. very addictive game ^_^
I mean.. Idk ppl with low voting points, but I like this kind of games where you just send soldiers and defend your castle..
I didnt care 'bout graphics that much..

Where does money go when I go through a level?

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3.97 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2008
9:09 PM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)