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TakeTwo - Mascots

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TakeTwo is a two(approx.) minutes of Video Game history, presented by CasualtyGamer.com, one new episode every Wednesday.

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This was great it is true every entertanmint compony has its mascot, forinstince showtime would be dexter, nickalodin would be spongebob, adult swim would be aqua teen hunger fource, so video games did the same. Also you forgot sam fisher for xbox. but very informitive but i dissagree with therandombot because i enjoy readong unlike some uther people the problem with school is they make lids reed shitty books so they hat reading plus they also make reading a choir rader then somthing to be enjoyed. If you dont like reading find the wright books. Also read comic books and graphic novels wich can be just as good if n ot better

You know...

...you could score straight 10's across the board if you had some nekkid anime chick doing the "news cast" instead of blocky-head guy. I'm just sayin', based on the NG demographic ...

I find these to be pretty informative. We are visual and auditory creatures, so learning by hearing and watching is always better than learning by reading. You crammed in 5 minutes what would take most folks about 30 minutes to read. And since most folks lose their attention span after 5 minutes, most were able to understand and retain what they learned here than if they spent 30 minutes trying to read it.

Our educational system should catch up with modern times and start offering interactive computer-based training/classes (EG: for math, english, chemistry, etc) instead of forcing kids to go to school and read books.

Nqkoi1 responds:

Down with books!

Interesting bit of info

I didn't take a lot of notice of the lip-synching to be quite honest with you, my eyes were on the screen :) This movie kept my attention through its information rather than its creativity, although your art style is pretty cool. The mouths reminded me of South Park a little. Keep up the good work!


good work guys, I enjoyed the amount of information your team provides every week. I gave it a 9 cuz of the simple animation skills.



it was informative.
the drawingas and opening credits are really misleading tho.
but it looked good, and sounded good

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Sep 24, 2008
2:04 PM EDT