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Use your mouse to guide the cute fuzzy sheep through the air while listening to happy light music. Jump on the apples to eat them and get points. Jump on a cow for extra points! There are difficulty bars that fall down every once in a while and they will make the game temporarily more difficult, they are impossible to avoid without falling so you'll have to do your best.

As you get more points you'll unock different items in The Bling Shop! At The Bling Shop you can totally pimp out your sheep with lots of bling.

NOTE: You may have seen this game briefly on NG before, that was stolen from me on FGL. That's why it was it was removed. The thief didn't even give it the right dimensions. The stolen version was up here for a couple of hours (and less than 500 views) before a friendly guy on FGL noticed and alerted me. I instantly contacted both FGL and Tom of NG, and they got it down within 20 minutes.


VERY similar to another

I can't help but notice that this game is very similar to this other game called "winter bells" which was released in 2006. Youtube video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXB-BH hORkg&feature=related


this is the 30time that this game is covered.....
and what a fuckin bad ideo :D it looks like a cheep hangin on crack and snack some apples.... and cows O.o!? wtf



liked the game concept. maybe some bonuses? like for every bling item you have, you press the mouse button and you would get a temrorarily boost.

Good until the invisible sheep part...

Not as good as Go Squirrel Go, but then again, what is?

I enjoyed it, but the invisible sheep part was annoying, it seemed to be increasing the difficulty for the sake of increasing the difficulty.

Highscores could use some work.

I didn't like how it sent me to another page to post the score and display it. You should work on showing the scores in the game. Also, there should be an instructions page for this.

The music was nice but a little too cheerful for me. The sound effects, well, they aren't special, but I guess they're necessary. I like some of the art, but the animation is pretty basic.

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3.70 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2008
1:05 AM EDT
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