With My Mind's Madness

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*4/17/2013*For some reason flash is dropping the music
It might be because the flash is so old and the new flash isnt compatable anymore.
if youd like rightclick and uncheck play, the check play again. if that still doesnt work play the video version

Originally I was only going to be submitting the Madness Regent Game with Tom, but about a Week ago I was listening to this *song and since I had Madness on the brain, I totally envisioned this scene.
So the week before Madness Day I started hustling on this, So if it looks rougher than my usual rough stuff, now you know why, haha.
This is an imaginary epilogue to Madness Inundation. So if you want an idea of whats going on go see that first.

*name of the song is "with my Mind" made by the band called "Cold" for a game called "Psi-Ops : the mindgate conspiracy" you can probably get a used copy for like 8 bucks now, or down load the PC version for free.

****http://web.archive.or g/web/20060502131633/http ://www.spreadthecold.com/
They have the song avaible for free here as well.

SWEET! NUMBER ONE ON THE TOP FIFTY! lol Its been awhile since Ive been up here, it feels good, the wind has a nice crispness to it.. *Marks the time. 10/02/08 8am score 4.57... welp Time for this roller coaster ride to end, see yall at tha' bottom ^_^


awesome madness music video

it really showed the savior as the good guy, which a lot of ppl thought he was one of the mad one's stooges. it was an "awesome madness music video" great job

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I've been a madness fan a long time, and I've been a religious man even longer. I can't stop watching your flash. It's so well done and just awesome. I wish I could put it in better words but I can't, it's inspirational to newcomers and made so well, it's just epic. Good work man, I hope we can all see more of your talent.

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The animation was awesome, as it always is from you, and the sketch-style definitely worked with the piece, but there was just something about it that... Well, made no sense. It made less sense than Lost Highway. It seemed like just a bunch of cool ideas thrown together into one scene that ended up not connecting with each other. And though the song was awesome, it's not a Madness kind of song, and didn't always fit with the flash. Though it was good, it could've been better.

MindChamber responds:

"This is an imaginary epilogue to Madness Inundation. So if you want an idea of whats going on go see that first." ~ I guess I should've written that in the flash and not just the author comments

Grand-Sir-Thebus, i say the same

I loved this movie! every thing on it was perfect! the best movie in newgrounds!
I stayed until 5 am thinking about this movie, the scenes, the music, the drawing...

PS: Spikester, have you seen the last madness animation? Jebus was devil, with red and demoniac eyes and everything else

Strange, but good

I like the song and the ending, well look at the title I don't get the whole cross thing and how he sacrificed himself and this movie also makes Jebus(or whatever his name is) look evil lol. Then again when Hank was still alive he was kinda a villian so basically it was good but rather confusing at the same time.

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