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With My Mind's Madness

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*4/17/2013*For some reason flash is dropping the music
It might be because the flash is so old and the new flash isnt compatable anymore.
if youd like rightclick and uncheck play, the check play again. if that still doesnt work play the video version

Originally I was only going to be submitting the Madness Regent Game with Tom, but about a Week ago I was listening to this *song and since I had Madness on the brain, I totally envisioned this scene.
So the week before Madness Day I started hustling on this, So if it looks rougher than my usual rough stuff, now you know why, haha.
This is an imaginary epilogue to Madness Inundation. So if you want an idea of whats going on go see that first.

*name of the song is "with my Mind" made by the band called "Cold" for a game called "Psi-Ops : the mindgate conspiracy" you can probably get a used copy for like 8 bucks now, or down load the PC version for free.

****http://web.archive.or g/web/20060502131633/http ://www.spreadthecold.com/
They have the song avaible for free here as well.

SWEET! NUMBER ONE ON THE TOP FIFTY! lol Its been awhile since Ive been up here, it feels good, the wind has a nice crispness to it.. *Marks the time. 10/02/08 8am score 4.57... welp Time for this roller coaster ride to end, see yall at tha' bottom ^_^



pay no attention to the fag below me,im christian to but that dosnt mean i cant watch a video with jesus in it, :p 10


Yo that was some ill shit ~_~ accept when you did that to jesus why jesus other than that that was ill kid real ill I liked it

One Word, EPIC.

I this movie is why Newgrounds is awesome. Everything in this is perfect. The Music, the animation, the graphics, the characters and the Idea. This is one of my all time favorites. I don't think that krinkles could do much better. Keep up the EPIC work, don't stop.

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Purely Perfect.

I have watched this about 5 times now, so this time I finally decided to write my review to further add to my appraisal, aside from my 5 votes of 5 (equivalent to 30 newbie votes of 5, hehe) that I have already given to you. It is amazing this was put together in a week, and the 'roughness' of the animation I do not think detracts from the masterpiece at all.

As so many others are saying, the animation really does go perfect with the music. So much so, that they complement each other, and I now love the With My Mind song, and it also runs on repeat in my brain during long labs or boring classes.

As Krinkel once touched on, something portraying Jesus, who is seen as a divine pacifist, as waging war on this dark and devilish gremlin evokes a certain emotion within a person that conflicts his notions of Jesus. This seems to create an entirely new character that is just bad-ass on another level. I'm sure for those more religious, this effect has the ability to be amplified, or more likely, disturbed by this image.

The use of the cross rising out of the ground was very well done, and I especially liked the touch of it saying "Property of the United States Government", adding an additional element to the way Jesus is being portrayed. The crown of horns was also a very nice reference. The light/blood coming out of Christ's face is eerie, and very much reflects the feeling of the music. Perfect.

The final thing I will speak on this way the way that the faces switch at the end. I looked through your early reviews and did find someone else mention this, but you only gave a smiley as an answer to this users specific question, which only made me think about it more. I have finally come to my decision of what I take it to mean: that in this movie, the "Jesus" and dark, evil figure are two faces for the same force. It kind of relates to that "Do unto others as you would do unto yourself" thing, along with You are me, I am you, (we are all one) ideology... More specific than that, it also could be related to governments, and how many times two parties that seem to conflict on the surface are just different means to the same end.

Maybe a clue to an example of this could come from who owns owns that hi-tech lil' cross Jesus seems to have made good use of? Wink wink... hehe...

Great movie, great depth! 10/10, 30/5 =D.

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MindChamber responds:

haha nice work man, you nailed (pun intended) the ending reference. haha. Im glad you liked it and I agree That song sticks to you like glue if you let it.

colds an awesome band.


The graphics are really good, and the music went perfect with the animations.
Keep the good work

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Sep 23, 2008
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