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This was done as a method of learning Flex, the new wonderful Framework for Flash.

This application selects and plays tracks from the audio portal displaying information on the song and author. You can select tracks from a channel listing, each channel is currently based on the type of music, and every day the listing is updated with the top 50 songs of the listing. No bad music! :)

Songs are streamed and over 1500 songs are available for nearly every channel, so you can enjoy the top music of Newgrounds any time.

If you'd like a specific feature, or want something changed with NG-Radio for later version, feel free to let me know. An AIR version of NG-Radio will be released later, which will let you use a low memory (no browser like IE memory leaking all over the place, just a nice clean AIR app) that will plugin to the System Tray and let you hide and show any time you like music. I will update this when the AIR version is complete, and you can also find news about it from the small news box shown in NG-Radio.

Note :
I realize that NGAP has many of the same functions as NG-Radio, but they were both developed with different ideals and features. If you like NGAP more, stick with it. :)

--- EDIT ---
V3 is out enjoy here : http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/480913
V2 still works, but V3 is better. :P

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Very Cool

I usedta be big into the Audio Portal (been to busy the last year or so to record much so I haven't been into it nearly as much) and I think it is a great way for people to get feedback on their music. I like this as it is another tool for getting newgrounders music out there, which is always a positive thing.

A few suggestions for the next version:
-Allow people to listen to a station that for example encompases all of the 'rock/heavy metal' genre rather than making them pick a subcategory within that (such as brit pop or whatever)
- perhaps allowing users to select the different categories they like (eg. I might pick heavy metal, classic rock, and electronica) and mash them up into one radio station.
-Allowing for the visualizer to be toggled on or off, it made my browser run so slow I had to close the flash window to write this review.
-perhaps have a 'all content' station, where newgrounds users are allowed to take turns DJ'ing and playing their favorite music. If nobody wants to DJ then it just picks randomly from all categories.

Very cool little program sir, thank you for this!

iceViperDW responds:

Thank you for the suggestions. I will add the ability to select all sub-genres from a genre next version.

I'm not sure about the mixing of sub-genres, I'll look into it, but I make no promises for now. :)

The Visualizer will be toggleable next version, and will allow you to select from more types of visualizations.

The All Content Station is a toughy, I think I'll have it built in with the favourites / personal playlists. It will take a look at all the songs that have been favourited, and select the ones that are favourited most often. :)

It's been done before, but this looks very good!

I've seen concepts like these before, but this one is actually very nicely done.
- The choice between different genres and moods is really what sets it off from the rest. I've never seen this in any other flashes like these being actively implementen, while it's a very nice feature to have, not always being able to judge what fits in which situation.
- The program is light in filesize, which makes it a very fast start with close to none of the load time which could let you wait endlessly...
- Layout gives a good overview, makes it easy to find everything

- Layout is a bit poor. It looked rather bare. It's not really a con, I guess some people will be upset about it, but others will find it OK to have such a stripped down interface with just everything they need and no additional and unnecessary bells and whistles.

Others have already mentioned in their reviews what could be added, but that would probably increase the filesize enormously. Still, things like favorites lists could depend on the cache to save the data. The bare minimum that should be put onto it is a link to the original song in case you want to download it or at least provide enough information so that you can find the song yourself. Or a direct download button on the interface...

Really well done.

iceViperDW responds:

Song Info button brings you to the original song. :)

For the Layout : I'm working on it for the next version, and while it probably will never have all the flashyness NGAP had.... I think NGAP was detrimentally affected performance wise, from having all those bells and whistles. I'll theme it like newgrounds, but still keep it simple.

I gotta follow the rule : KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid. :P)

Thanks for the Review. :)


This is almost perfect - especially since it has the one key-feature that was missing from the other NGAP Radio: A way of selecting what genres you want to listen to. It also doesn't keep failing to load songs like the NGAP Radio. I thank you.

I only have two gripes: It would be nice if it would show you how far you were in the song either as a coloured bar and/or as minutes and seconds instead of what appears to be frames and percentage, and it would just look a little nicer if the Newgrounds Radio banner didn't overlap the radio window's translucent bit. Giving it a 9/10 for now.

iceViperDW responds:

It's milliseconds. I'll change it to seconds. :)

Good Job

I think that you created a viable alternative to NGAP. Choice is good.


Really Cool.

I got some idea's to.

Tools that should be added.

1.\ Favorites (add specific songs to favorites)
2.\ Song I.D. Read out, (the 6 digit number in the songs web address)
3.\ Chat Room (if possible)
4.\ Download Song Button
5.\ Custom Playlists (create your own playlists with your favorite songs.)

thats all I can think of really. but its a really cool program, and I really enjoyed listening to the music instead of searching all over the audio portal for something decent to listen to.

iceViperDW responds:

1) Favourites will be custom playlists in a future version, where you can login and share a channel you've made yourself.

2) I'm not sure what you mean, if you click Song Info it brings you to the webpage. Still if you want the ID displayed at all times, it's easy to do.

3) I'm not sure I see the point in a chat room.

4) Will do, good idea on the Download Song.

5) Custom Playlists = Favourites.

Credits & Info

4.73 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2008
11:09 PM EDT
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