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Get Laid with Karen

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I want to meet you with Karen. She is a nice chick with beautiful big bust and sweet ass. She doesn't like all these romantic things. All she needs is a hot wild sex with you! Allow her to touch your penis with her big tits. Have you got a huge boner now? But this is just a beggining, today you can do anything with her!

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what is name of music?

alcapwner49 mentioned something about an Original game, if anyone found it send it in a Private Message, anyway great character and game

OK i love the game in its self but it needs some work maybe more of a plot ya know and no censoring its annoying and its a A+ game whoever needs censoring shouldn't be looking and maybe more scenes cause a few of them are just the same thing but that is it thanks for the game

the blurring ruins the enjoyment

That was pretty good. Nice job!