Cannonball Crisis

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Cannonball Crisis is a puzzle game. The aim of the game is to clear all the cannonballs at the top of the screen by firing up a cannonball of the same colour to create a touching group of three or more.

Sometimes the cannon will be loaded with rocks and these can only be gotten rid of by firing away the balls which support them. Rocks turn any cannonballs they touch to rock so be careful.

Occasionally, the letters B, O, M, B will appear as balls. Fire these together to make the word 'bomb' and you'll get a bomb which you can fire at any ball to remove all balls of that colour.

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Good game

A nice game that has all of the features of the traditional ball cannon shooter, but it really does need another major gimmick to set it apart from the rest of the crop. I like the idea of the additional B-O-M-B balls that you can fire and collect, as it's a new feature, but not something really ground breaking.

Good graphics, a nicely addictive, but not too annoying soundtrack and a decent twist with a pirate theme.

Perhaps you should put a level map up and show us how far the pirate has got towards the treasure? Maybe a few levels where you ahve to beat rival pirates who are also after the booty?

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willcheng responds:

Thanks for the review and the feedback. We really appreciate it.

Where's originality?

You just grabbed a classic game formula and made some graphics of your own. If there was new features, then this would be good.

willcheng responds:

We have taken a classic game and injected the new b-o-m-b feature in which we felt gave it a point of difference. There are also the rock balls which present an additional problem for users to solve. Sorry you either didn't spot these, or didn't think they were original enough. I guess we can't please all the people, all the time. Thanks for your review.

loved it =)

thought it was pretty awesome , original but still good

willcheng responds:

Oh thank you very much. We're glad you enjoyed it!


Good game, but not really original

willcheng responds:

Glad you like the game!

Fashion Glam & Coke

I always find myself playing games like this. Not at entertaining as japanese dinosaurs, but good enough.

willcheng responds:

Thanks for the feedback.

Credits & Info

3.62 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2008
11:42 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other