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Angry Jew

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I get a few messages from an angry jew friend i once had now enemy because he falsely accused me of jakin his money. Enjoy the stupidity

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Lol burn :o

Needs more

The thing that was wrong with this is that there was not a whole lot going on. While it was interesting to hear about something that happened to you, I did not quite understand this. The animation actually wasn't that bad. It's just like you could have had more going on in the animation. It just doesn't really have anything that noteworthy and doesn't seem to try that hard. I can't really say things to improve on because it happened in real life.

I believe that a person should apologize in something like that. You did not just seem that professional in this submission. I don't want to pry on your personal life, but that's what you exposed the listeners to. I hope that everything works out with this former friend. It is never a good idea to keep grudges and feuds going on.

Loved it

That was great in every way. You should piss off more people and make more. Please.


this Adam guy sounds like a real jerky jew. Im jewish and I can tell u that we are a super cheap people who always accuse others of being anti-semites when they dont agree with them. My brother is just like this Adam guy all accusing and jerky. I wouldnt be friends with a person like this instead I would hide his 120 dollars or maybe feed it to my dog.

Dan-R responds:

thanks man


LOL! i hate it when people accuse without good reason or evidence.

I hope this gets front page just to show him up. Although i doubt it will lol. No offence.