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Fun game of resizing. You must be bigger than some characters, smaller than others, and about the same size as others to catch them. Be fast at resizing!

M to mute, n to unmute

P to pause, U to unpause.

I'm working on several other games with the resize theme, hopefully this is a good start.

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The Romania flag lol.

7th 5300

good game, i like the concept. starts off really calm and easy but then gets hectic and chaotic. looks great, runs smoothly, and plays very well. two problems though, one is that when there are alot being eaten at once the sounds all mash together in one roar from the a demons underbelly. the other is that your instructinos are wrong, they tell you to press s to become smaller, when i tried this didnt work and ended up being d. do something about these to raise your score.


growing went to fast and shrinking didnt happen at all...
also there sould be things that kill u, i mean the game goes on and on 4ever...

I can't play

Nothing happen when I push on "Play"

Archbob responds:

Hmm, seemed to have worked for everyone else

Hello, this is SolidFlam speaking!

This is overall an average game, nice presentation although the music gets repetitive pretty fast, the graphics are decent.
What really annoyed me was that I just couldn't get small, I kept pressing S and nothing happened, and then I realized you programmed the D button to shrink the player.

This is a good start but for your future resizing games add some less monotonous tunes, create some more game modes or at least give some real goal to this one mode (no time limit as far as I can tell), and find some way to spice things up because this gets boring pretty fast (maybe some kind of game that you need to fit in different sized pipes in a race against a flow of water, I don't know).